How to get ID of a map task in Spark?

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Is there a way to get ID of a map task in Spark? For example if each map task calls a user defined function, can I get the ID of that map task from whithin that user defined function?
Nov 20, 2018 in Apache Spark by Neha
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you can access task information using TaskContext:

import org.apache.spark.TaskContext

sc.parallelize(Seq[Int](), 4).mapPartitions(_ => {
    val ctx = TaskContext.get
    val stageId = ctx.stageId
    val partId = ctx.partitionId
    val hostname =
    Iterator(s"Stage: $stageId, Partition: $partId, Host: $hostname")

A similar functionality has been added to PySpark in Spark 2.2.0 (SPARK-18576):

from pyspark import TaskContext
import socket

def task_info(*_):
    ctx = TaskContext()
    return ["Stage: {0}, Partition: {1}, Host: {2}".format(
        ctx.stageId(), ctx.partitionId(), socket.gethostname())]

for x in sc.parallelize([], 4).mapPartitions(task_info).collect():
answered Nov 20, 2018 by Frankie
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