Editing the plots visualization on a timeline

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I have a 1000*10 matrix showing cashflow of 10 years. For analytical purposes I want to examine the different percentiles/quantiles in terms of a variable

Part of my R-code

plot(timeline, TOTKS[1,], ylim=range(-15000000,100000000), type="l", ylab="Cash Flow", xlab="year")
for (i in 1:total.simulations){
lines(timeline, TOTKS[i,])}

I want to color the 10 % lowest cash flows in the plot above.

Nov 16, 2018 in Data Analytics by Ali
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find the ten lowest total cash flows. Add up the columns:

total.cashflow <- drop(colSums(TOTKS, na.rm=TRUE))

Then find which are the 10% lowest:

rank.cashflow.le10 <- which(
    total.cashflow <= qualtile(total.cashflow, 0.1)

Add them to the plot:

matlines(timeline, TOTKS[,rank.cashflow.le10], col="red")

To examine those as a separate matrix (but you might not need to, with a vector of indicies)

low10TOTKS <- TOTKS[,rank.cashflow.le10]

answered Nov 16, 2018 by Maverick
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