Hyperledger Cello Operator Dashboard stuck at loading

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When I try to open operator dashboard on localhost:8080 it keeps loading. 

localhost:8080 keeps loading and shows waiting for localhost....

I tried make all also but still it does not work.

I followed the tutorial from their official tutorial website http://hyperledger-cello.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorial/

Any help would be appreciated.

Oct 31, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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Run these commands:

$ sudo su
$ cd cello
$ make stop    
$ make dockerhub-pull   
$ make start

reboot the system and it should work

answered Oct 31, 2018 by Omkar
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This may be due to some inconsistency in local file. If you are using Linux OS, then you may run `make reset`, and then follow the tutorial's steps to reconfig and start.

answered Mar 12, 2019 by Pikvik
Thanks @pikvik. It worked. But I did not understand what you meant by inconsistency in local file. Can you explain?

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