Best library for reading meta-data

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Hello all! I need to read data from MP3 files such as its ID3 tag, but I also need to do more like say, reading EXIF from images and I cannot compromise on the ID3 tag reading capabilities.

So, I'm stuck with a script that executes a search through my media or say, my music files to check if the file's name and its directory path corresponds to my file's metadata and then, report to me a log of all the mismatched files so that I could make the appropriate changes in them. I've tried to write the script in Ruby, and also in Python without much luck. But, if anybody knows a working solution in some other language, I'd be interested to know and learn from those as well.
Oct 31, 2018 in Python by Bharani
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You can use PowerShell to implement ID3 Tag editing via Taglib-sharp.dll and Discogs API, here's how:

The TagLib-Sharp can also be used with any .NET based language to read metatdata, but using PowerShell is definitely the better approach.
answered Oct 31, 2018 by nirvana
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