What data format for large files in R

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I produce a very large data file with Python, mostly consisting of 0 (false) and only a few 1 (true). It has about 700.000 columns and 15.000 rows and thus a size of 10.5GB. The first row is the header.
This file then needs to be read and visualized in R.

So what data format suits best for this purpose?
Would it also make sense to compress (zip) it?

Example of my file:


Jul 16, 2019 in Python by ana1504.k
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Zipping won't help you, as you'll have to unzip it to process it. If you could post your code that generates the file, that might help a lot. Also, what do yo want to accomplish in R? Might it be faster to visualize it in Python, avoiding the read/write of 10.5GB?

Perhaps rethinking your approach to how you're storing the data (eg: store the coordinates of the 1's if there are very few) might be a better angle here.

For instance, instead of storing a 700K by 15K table of all zeroes except for a 1 in line 600492 column 10786, I might just store the tuple (600492, 10786) and achieve the same visualization in R.
answered Jul 16, 2019 by SDeb
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