How to issue regular payouts to multiple wallets

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I'm trying to create a contract that will dish out regular inflation to all holders of the token. Every x period, it needs to scan the addresses and calculate their inflation, minting new tokens and adding it to their total.

What is the most cost efficient way to do this? Is it cheapest to iterate over the map and update each address, or better to calculate all values in memory and replace the map? Perhaps there is a better way I'm not thinking of.

Not sure how big the map could get, but cost efficiency is key here.
Oct 30, 2018 in Blockchain by Perry
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The cheapest way to do this is to have a smart contract function that allows a wallet holder to "claim" their inflation payment. e.g. instead of iterating over every address, you let the wallet holders to do the inflation calculation just for their address.

The cost to you is 0, just have to ensure the smart contract logic is correct
answered Oct 30, 2018 by Christine
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