Which language should I learn when starting career as data scientist - R or Python

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I just wanted to know whether to start learning R or Python are both are used for data science and they usually say you shouldnt learn both of them. So I wanted to know learning which language would be easier and useful. Thank you so much..
Oct 26, 2018 in Data Analytics by Ali
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I'll put down a few parameters on how R and Python differ and you can select the best required for your purpose as data science is a very vast topic.

Parameter R Python
Objective Data analysis and statistics Deployment and production
Primary Users Scholar and R&D Programmers and developers
Flexibility Easy to use available library Easy to construct new models from scratch. I.e., matrix computation and optimization
Learning curve Difficult at the beginning Linear and smooth
Popularity of Programming Language. Percentage change 4.23% in 2018 21.69% in 2018
Average Salary $99.000 $100.000
Integration Run locally Well-integrated with app
Task Easy to get primary results Good to deploy algorithm
answered Oct 26, 2018 by Kalgi
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I believe it is better if you have the knowledge and skills for both the programming language i.e both r and python. But if by any means you are unable to learn Both the language then i suggest you should Start Learning Python first because it is must for Data Science . when you have clear knowledge about Python then later slowly you can gain the skills of python too. But for a Data Scientist it is necessary to have very broad knowledge on most of the programming language as you don't know which language will be best for a particular project.

answered Apr 2 by MrBoot
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Hi. Thanks for your answer. I am learning Python basics online. Is Python for Data Science different from normal Python?
Hey @Rishi, python is a programming language which is universal. When it says python for data science, it means data science using python. You can use R as well for the same.
Thanks for the reply

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