How to map trace and display AWS X-Ray GoLang Lambda to lambda service

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Here I have Lamdba function 1 and that invokes lambda function 2 in Go. I want to see these 2 functions joined in the service map.

I have created a custom segment eg called "parent" and the create a subsegment from this context eg called "child". Then using client.InvokeWithContext to invoke the function 2 passing the "child" segment context.

sess := session.Must(session.NewSession())
client := lambda.New(sess, &aws.Config{Region: aws.String(region)})

xray.Configure(xray.Config{LogLevel: "trace"})

ctx, seg := xray.BeginSegment(context.Background(), "Parent")
ctx, subseg := xray.BeginSubsegment(ctx, "Child")
result, _ := client.InvokeWithContext(ctx, 
    lambda.InvokeInput{FunctionName: aws.String(functionName), Payload: nil})

Problem is that this creates trace parent -> child in sevice map but also has function 1 too.

What is the best way to join these 2 functions on the service map please ?

Oct 15, 2018 in AWS by findingbugs
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You don't need to add a subsegment for the "child" call unless you want to add annotation/metadata.

The API gateway adds a trace ID called X-Amzn-Trace-Id to the header of incoming requests, which X-ray picks up. If you forward that trace ID in your call from lambda 1 to lambda 2, then X-ray will visually represent the calls with an arrow from lambda 1 to lambda 2 in the overview and include the trace details of lambda 2 when viewing the trace details of lambda 1.

As long as you forward the top trace ID through the call chain, X-ray will correctly visualize the call chain from service to service with nodes and arrows.


Q: What is a trace?

An X-Ray trace is a set of data points that share the same trace ID. For example, when a client makes a request to your application, it is assigned a unique trace ID. As the request makes its way through services in your application, the services relay information regarding the request back to X-Ray using this unique trace ID. The piece of information relayed by each service in your application to X-Ray is a segment, and a trace is a collection of segments.

Hope it helps!

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answered Oct 15, 2018 by Priyaj
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