How to run applet program in java

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What are the comprehensive steps involved in creating, compiling, and running an applet program in Java, and what tools or environments are required to successfully execute and display applet-based projects?
Nov 2, 2023 in Java by Saniya
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Running an applet program in Java has become a bit more complex in recent times due to changes in Java and the decreasing support for applets in modern browsers. However, you can still run applet programs for educational or legacy purposes using a few methods:

Using an IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans

1. Write the Applet Code: Create a new Java project and write your applet code. An applet extends the `java.applet.Applet` class or `javax.swing.JApplet` for Swing applets.

2. Compile the Code: Compile your applet code as you would with any Java program.

3. Run the Applet: 
   - In some IDEs, you can directly run the applet. They might have a built-in applet viewer.
   - If your IDE doesn't support direct applet execution, you may need to run it using the `appletviewer` tool that comes with the JDK.

Using the AppletViewer Tool (Command Line)

1. Write and Compile: Write your applet code in a text editor and compile it using the `javac` command.

2. Create an HTML File: Create a simple HTML file that references your applet class. For example:

      <applet code="MyApplet.class" width="300" height="300">

   Replace `"MyApplet.class"` with the name of your compiled applet class.

3. Run AppletViewer: Open a command line or terminal, navigate to the directory containing your applet class and HTML file, and run:

   appletviewer MyHtmlFile.html

   Replace `"MyHtmlFile.html"` with the name of your HTML file.

answered Nov 9, 2023 by anonymous
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