Excel VBA SQL Query on not saved Workbook

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I have a workbook with some macros in Excel. I open a different workbook that already exists (and has some data in it) with a single macro and add a few rows to it. I then perform a SQL query on that workbook using a different macro (uebergebene wo), however the query only returns rows that are physically present in the workbook on disc. Neither of the extra rows. After adding the rows, all the data is there if I save the workbook. I don't have to save the worksheet before adding the rows to the one where the macro is. What can I do to retrieve the data without saving it from the external workbook?

These are the relevant parts of the macro:

Dim conn As Object 'SQL-Connection
' Path to the files
Public Const strReportDir As String = "Q:\Reporting\KPIs\"
' Name of the raw-data-file
Public Const strBewegRoh As String = "Bewegung Rohdaten.xlsx"

Function connect_sql(strWbPath As String)
    'Connect to the Data Source
    Set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    With conn
        .Provider = "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0"
        .ConnectionString = "Data Source=" & strWbPath & ";" & _
            "Extended Properties=""Excel 12.0 Xml;HDR=YES"";"
    End With
End Function

Sub uebergebene_wo()
' Fragt die Daten für Übergebenw WO ab.

    Dim rs As Object 'RecordSet
    Dim sql As String
    Dim start_row As Integer: start_row = 1
    Dim start_col As Integer: start_col = 1
    Dim iCol As Integer

    connect_sql (strReportDir & strBewegRoh) ' Verbindung herstellen
    'write SQL
    sql = "Select * from [WO-Bewegung Rohdaten$] Where `Datum Übergabe` BETWEEN 45021 AND 767010"
    'run SQL
    Set rs = conn.Execute(sql) 'delete data from previous runs in worksheet "Results" Worksheets("Results").Cells(start_row, start_col).CurrentRegion.Clear
    Set wksBewegResults = Workbooks(strBewegRoh).Worksheets("Results")
    'insert header row worksheet "Results" (only if HDR=YES)
    For iCols = 0 To rs.Fields.Count - 1
        wksBewegResults.Cells(start_row, start_col + iCols).Value = _
    'paste result of sql to worksheet "Results"
    wksBewegResults.Cells(start_row + 1, start_col).CopyFromRecordset rs
    'clean up and free memory
    Set rs = Nothing
    Set conn = Nothing

End Sub
Apr 7, 2023 in Others by narikkadan
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What can I do to get the data from the external workbook without saving it?

Ans: Probably nothing

The Excel workbooks should all be saved with the following code, nevertheless, if your plan is to retrieve the data in those workbooks.

Sub SaveAllWorkbooks()
    Dim wbk As Workbook
    For Each wbk In Excel.Workbooks
End Sub

Consider adding the code on the line below Sub uebergebene_wo() here, like this:

Sub uebergebene_wo()
' Fragt die Daten für Übergebenw WO ab

If you need to know more about SQL, it is recommended to go for the SQL Online Course today.

answered Apr 7, 2023 by Kithuzzz
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