VBA - Insert Spilt Cell Value

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How do I simultaneously separate two ranges?

Only one of them was divided by the that I am using right now (thank you, Vbasic):

With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Cell Splitter")
Dim Descriptions() As String, dUpper As Long, d As Long
Dim r As Long, rString As String
For r = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "K").End(xlUp).Row To 3 Step -1
rString = CStr(.Cells(r, "K").Value)

If InStr(rString, ",") > 0 Then
Descriptions = Split(rString, ",")
dUpper = UBound(Descriptions)

For d = dUpper To 0 Step -1
.Cells(r, "K").Value = Descriptions(d)
If d > 0 Then .Rows(r).Insert

Next d

End If

Next r

I tried adding another range into the code but got a "400" error.

For example: I added K:O or "K" & "O" (Which doesnt work). I only wanted to process only 2 columns.

What I wanted it to do:

From this:

enter image description here

To this:

enter image description here

Apr 1, 2023 in Others by Kithuzzz
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Your desired outcome will not be produced by the code you posted. You would need to manage the insertion of rows if you wanted to add another column and use the same code, as I suggested in the remark. But you may give this a shot.

Dim r As Range, lr As Long, v, i As Integer

With Sheet1
  'this code will parse your text the same way as your initial code
  'but you can repeat this code and just replace the column, in this case K to O
  'it will yield the same result but as I've said it will not happen in the same time
  'but instead one after the other
  lr = .Range("K" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
  Set r = .Range("K2:K" & lr)
  For i = lr To 2 Step -1
    v = Split(.Range("K" & i), ",")
    .Range("K" & i).Resize(UBound(v)).Insert xlDown, xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
    .Range("K" & i).Resize(UBound(v) + 1) = Application.Transpose(v)

  ' repeat the exact code here but changing the column from K to whatever
End With
answered Apr 1, 2023 by narikkadan
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