Why does WinHTTPRequest responseText return a different value to MsgBox than Debug Print dynamic web pages

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When getting ready to develop a pure vba simple javascript engine today, I came across something really interesting. I would anticipate receiving what it outputs in MsgBox if I pulled the content via http. the website's plaintext code with javascript tags, etc. I can make that work. Nevertheless, if it only outputs in the manner I require to the msgbox or a wscript object popup, I am unable to use it. But, the outcome is what you see in debug if you attempt to print it to a file, cell, etc. print.

The response in the messagebox contains all of the website's javascript and html code, just as it would appear if you viewed the page source in a browser. We're delighted you wish to use your Quickbase more, says the response in a new HTML format in debug.print. without utilising the quickbase api, trying to scrape a quickbase page.

I'm quite interested to know what's happening. different types of variables? VarType makes no mention of that. It cannot be a problem on the server's end. Not to my knowledge. I've read the documentation, but I still don't understand. What is happening?

grab = CreateObject(WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
.SetRequestHeaders "irrelevant", "Really doesn't matter what I'm setting as my headers"
' Here's the weird part...
resptext = grab.responseText
respbody = grab.responseBody
string_of_byte_array = StrConv(respbody, vbUnicode)

Appreciate any clarification you can offer.

Feb 27, 2023 in Others by Kithuzzz
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The Immediate pane has a built-in limit of 200 lines, so if you use Debug.Print to transmit a lengthy string (or a series of shorter strings), you will only see the latest 200 or so lines.
Msgbox would display the first line of content (the max size of msgbox content is approx. 1024 characters). A cell can have a maximum of around 32k characters.

I hope this helps you.
answered Mar 18, 2023 by narikkadan
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