Prevent a user from adding or removing row s of a Range but allow him to do so on another Range on the same sheet

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Two specified ranges on my sheet are Titles (A11:O15) and Contents (A18:O30).

I'm trying to find a solution to stop a user from adding or removing any rows of titles, but he must still be able to change the content of those titles.

Contrarily, the user has complete freedom to alter the contents.

How can I make my sheet's first 17 lines editable while preventing the insertion or deletion of rows before row 17?
Feb 21, 2023 in Others by Kithuzzz
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The only thing I can offer is a workaround based on

To prevent users from adding/removing rows and/or columns to certain cells, you must first create a named range for those cells. The range in my example has the name protected Area and spans 32 total cells.

You then insert this code into the worksheet.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Const referenceCellCount = 32
    Static recursionGuard As Boolean
    Dim rngProt As Range
    If recursionGuard = True Then
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Set rngProt = ThisWorkbook.Names("protected_Area").RefersToRange
   ' Adding or removing Rows in the protected area will
   ' change the size of the range and thus the total count of cells
    If referenceCellCount = rngProt.Cells.Count Then
        Exit Sub
    End If
    recursionGuard = True
    recursionGuard = False
    MsgBox "Foo must not..."

End Sub

Make sure that referenceCellCount matches your case.

answered Feb 21, 2023 by narikkadan
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