Trying to make my VBA run a little bit faster

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Since I'm new to VBA, my codes are frequently quite slow or inefficient.

When the user presses a button in one of my programs, I have cells in the sheet that must be filled. The values vary based on the button, but the idea is the same.

So I did this monstrosity:

Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5), 1).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(4, 7).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5), 3).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(4, 8).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5), 5).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(4, 9).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5), 8).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(4, 10).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5) + 1, 1).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(5, 7).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5) + 1, 3).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(5, 8).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5) + 1, 5).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(5, 9).Value
Cells((Range("namedrange").Row + 5) + 1, 8).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(5).Cells(5, 10).Value

But later changed to:

    With Range("namedrange")
        .Offset(5).Columns(1).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(4, 7).Value
        .Offset(5).Columns(3).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(4, 8).Value
        .Offset(5).Columns(5).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(4, 9).Value
        .Offset(5).Columns(8).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(4, 10).Value
        .Offset(6).Columns(1).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(5, 7).Value
        .Offset(6).Columns(3).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(5, 8).Value
        .Offset(6).Columns(5).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(5, 9).Value
        .Offset(6).Columns(8).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(3).Cells(5, 10).Value
    End With

This is a little quicker, but I believe it is still not at its best. And if there is a method to make it cleaner or more elegant, that would be great to know. It should be noticed that there are gaps in the columns; for example, it begins in the first column but jumps to the third, then the fifth, and finally the eighth.

I'm just looking for a method to improve the code faster or clearer because it works but is slow.

Jan 7, 2023 in Others by Kithuzzz
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Using Variables

  • In regards to efficiency, that's about it: you're using the most efficient way to copy values from one cell to another aka copying by assignment.
  • If you want it to be more flexible, maintainable, and readable(?), here are some ideas.
  • Additionally, you can move the remaining magic numbers and text to constants at the beginning of the code or even use the constants as arguments.
Sub CopyValues()
    Dim wb As Workbook: Set wb = ThisWorkbook ' workbook containing this code
    ' Specify the worksheet if you know it.
    'Dim dnrg As Range: Set dnrg = wb.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("NamedRange")
    ' Otherwise, make sure the workbook is active.
    If Not wb Is ActiveWorkbook Then wb.Activate
    Dim dnrg As Range: Set dnrg = Range("NamedRange")
    Dim drg As Range: Set drg = dnrg.Range("A1,C1,E1,H1").Offset(5)
    Dim cCount As Long: cCount = drg.Cells.Count
    ' If you know the tab name, use it instead of the index (3).
    Dim sws As Worksheet: Set sws = wb.Sheets(3)
    Dim srg As Range: Set srg = sws.Range("G4").Resize(, cCount)
    Dim r As Long, c As Long
    For r = 0 To 1
        For c = 1 To cCount
            drg.Offset(r).Cells(c).Value = srg.Offset(r).Cells(c).Value
        Next c
    Next r

End Sub
answered Jan 7, 2023 by narikkadan
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