DevOps in Government

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DevOps is being used almost everywhere and its proved itself with its amazing performance. A lot of companies have started to adopt this method. I was just curious if DevOps could be used in the government? I think it would increase the service rate and quality.

What do you guys think?

And currently is it being used by the government?
Sep 24, 2018 in Docker by lina
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I think it would be a great idea and a good solution for the government to inculcate DevOps. This will increase their service delivery time, the quality of the service and automation just makes everything easier be it for a private organization or government agency. Moreover this is a good way to increase the country's economy.

I'm not sure if any government agency is using DevOps as of now but they should definitely start.
answered Sep 24, 2018 by Hannah
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selected Sep 24, 2018 by Priyaj

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