I want to build a recommender system incorporating diversity and accuracy in the recommender engine

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I want to build a recommender system incorporating diversity and accuracy in the recommender engine.

Can someone help me with the ideas for implementing it in python?
Sep 24, 2018 in Python by likhitha
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can you provide some more information on what actually you want to do? Have you tried anything!
I want to know how can I build a recommendation system with diversity in it and make a difference in my recommendations. Accuracy and diversity are objectives of recosys.

To know what is diversity you can go through this article:


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I dont know what exactly you are looking for. I think you should go through some of these python recommender system libraries.

answered Sep 24, 2018 by slayer
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Thank you for the reply,

Diversity, Accuracy are objectives of recommendation systems, but to achieve both on a balanced level is a challenging task. To be precise I am looking for how to achieve diversity through my recommendations along with accuracy.

Different methods of defining diversity are given in this paper below:


going through the methods I am not getting how to implement or incorporate them in the recommendation engine and bring diversification in the recommended items.

I have gone through the tutorial for building a use-case model of recommendation engine:


I am looking for a step-by-step approach to build a recommendation engine with diversity in python. So that I can have a clear idea on how to implement.
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Hey, Likhitha!

This could help you to some extent: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/0d21/a1b0354d326ddbbb7141eaae56a7266b670c.pdf

Can you tell more about what are you building your recommendation system for? It would help us tell you about the implementation.

answered Sep 25, 2018 by digger
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I am building my recommender systems for movies. And moreover the paper you suggested I have with me, but I am seeking for a tutorial because reading a paper feels fine but to implement It is not helpful.
Hi Digger,

Could you please help me how to build a multi-objective function for movie recommendation system.

I have the papers with me but need help in implementing it practically.


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