How much automation is too much automation

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It sounds like automation is a very important part of DevOps. Every single tool is developed to reduce man's manual work.

How much automation is too much?

Sep 21, 2018 in Kubernetes by Hannah
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I think with incidents, there isn’t enough automation. There needs to be a balance, but right now it is way too manual. Even simple things like auto-replying is too manual. It would save a lot of man hours. There’s a lot of low-hanging automation that is not happening today that could help.

How much is too much? I think we are far from there. Hopefully in the next decade we'll get there.

Hope this helps!

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answered Sep 21, 2018 by Kalgi
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So can we say that too much automation is around automating 70% of today's overall tasks? (manual+automation)
Yesss!! The perfect combination of automation and manual work is what's needed in the company. There are few things that can be done with perfection when approached using automated methods but a few things that require making decisions using experience and knowledge from different aspects and not just what's fed into the machine, for such cases manual approach should be preferred.

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