Syntax Error running on Python

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I'm trying to follow the blockchain tutorial which is in JS but I'm trying it on Python.

I've got this far and when I'm trying to test run it, I get this syntax error which is confusing me since it seems legit.

Any thoughts?

import hashlib

class block:

def __init__(self, index, timestamp, data, previous= ''):
    self.index = index
    self.timestamp = timestamp data
    self.previous = previous
    self.hash = ''

def calculateHash(self):
    return hashlib.sha256(self.index + self.previous + self.timestamp+ (

class blockchain:
#btw this it where it says the error is: "class"
def __init__(self):
    self.chain= [self.createGenesisBlock()]

def createGenesisBlock(self):
    return block(0, "01/01/2017", "Genesis Block", "0")

def getLatestBlock(self):
    return self.chain[len(self.chain)-1]

def addBlock(self, newBlock):
    newBlock.previous = self.getLatestBlock().hash
    newBlock.hash= newBlock.calculateHash()

korCoin  = blockchain()
korCoin.addBlock(block(1, "10/07/2017", 4))
korCoin.addBlock(block(2, "12/07/2017", 40))

if __name__ = "__main__":
Sep 21, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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You are missing the closing parenthesis:

hashlib.sha256(self.index + self.previous + self.timestamp+ ( hashlib.sha256(self.index + self.previous + self.timestamp+ (

I am assuming you have properly indented your actual code but pasted it with wrong identation in the OP. That's why the first answer asks you to fix indentation.

There are other issues with the code

  • self.index is an integer, you have to convert it to string before concatenating with others. You can not concatenate a string and integer

  • self.previous is an empty string('') in the firstkorCoin.addBlock` call but is a Hash object in the second call. You have to convert it to string or retrieve its string representation before concatenating with others

  • self.chain is a list and list doesn't have push method. I suppose you meant append
answered Sep 21, 2018 by digger
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