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I'm attempting to use xlsxwriter to output a Pandas dataframe into an excel file. But I'm having problems coming up with how to create the loop when I'm trying to merge cells that have the same value using rule-based formatting. (I'm new to Python!)

See below for output vs output expected:

enter image description here

Here is what I have thus far:

#This is the logic you use to merge cells in xlsxwriter (just an example)
worksheet.merge_range('A3:A4','value you want in merged cells', merge_format)

#Merge Car type Loop thought process...
#1.Loop through data frame where row n Name = row n -1 Name
#2.Get the length of the rows that have the same Name
#3.Based off the length run the merge_range function from xlsxwriter, worksheet.merge_range('range_found_from_loop','Name', merge_format)

for row_index in range(1,len(car_report)):
     if car_report.loc[row_index, 'Name'] == car_report.loc[row_index-1, 'Name'] 
     #find starting point based off index, then get range by adding number of rows to starting point. for example lets say rows 0-2 are similar I would get 'A0:A2' which I can then put in the code below
     #from there apply worksheet.merge_range('A0:A2','[input value]', merge_format)
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