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We are using the gitblit version control system, but we're interested in Gitlab CICD plugins. Right now we want test it out before we make the decision to move the entire project onto the gitlabCI. So, for now we'd like to use gitlabCI but keeping gitblit the source for it.

Is there any way to do this ? I have already tried importing project but it creates a new repo in gitlab and cuts the relation with gitblit.

Apr 23, 2018 in Git & GitHub by ffdfd
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The steps I'm going to tell you are a bit advance, so bear with me

  • Create a gitlab repository and define the build steps you want in the .gitlab-ci.yml file
  • Now, add a git clone gitblit-repository-name command to your .gitlab-ci.yml before_script to use your gitblit code in gitlabCI
  • Use triggers to run the pipeline when something is pushed to GitBlit by adding a hook in GitBlit that sends a POST request to Gitlab
  • add triggers to execute the pipeline so that whenever anything is pushed to gitblit it sends a post request to gitlab. this can be done using a hook in gitblit

You could use a post request resembling this:

curl --request POST \
     --form token=TOKEN \
     --form ref=master \
answered Apr 23, 2018 by ajs3033
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