How to update an existing excel ods file

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Once I've read data from an.xls file sheet. Without making any other changes to the excel file, I want to add that data to a sheet in an existing file with the .ods extension. Openpyxl was my first choice, but it does not support it.ods files. I then tried pyexcel-ods3, but I am still unsure of how to use it to update an existing .ods file.

This is the code I tried but it's for writing a new .ods excel file and not for updating an existing one.

from pyexcel_ods3 import save_data

data = OrderedDict()  # from collections import OrderedDict
data.update({"Sheet 1": [[1, 2, 3], [9, 5, 6]]})
data.update({"Sheet 2": [["row 1", "row 2", "row 3"]]})
save_data("your_file.ods", data)

I tried finding the code for updating in the pyexcel-ods3 doc but could not find anything. If pyexcel-ods3 contains a code for it, do let me know. In addition, if a new package can complete this work, I'm willing to try it. The Python version I'm using is 3.9.1.

Oct 7 in Others by Kithuzzz
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It cannot be altered unless the original file is loaded. If you save a file with the name of a file that already exists, the library will not recognize that you want to alter the existing file and will overwrite it.

You must load a file, maybe reconstruct its structure in memory, make your changes, and then save it back to the filesystem in order to modify it. 

The relevant piece of code from the link you posted is:

from pyexcel_ods3 import get_data

data = get_data("your_file.ods")

You can find that section here.

answered Oct 8 by narikkadan
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