Microservices Architecture in NodeJS

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Since there aren't any open-source projects that follow this pattern yet, I decided to restructure my Skelton project to be as Microservices while working on a side project. I came to this conclusion after doing a lot of reading and research, but I still have some questions and ideas.

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Here are my questions and thoughts:

  • How to make the API gateway smart enough to load balnce the request if i have 2 node from the same microservice?
  • if one of the microservice is down how the discovery should know?
  • is there any similar implementation? is my design is right?
  • should i use Eureka or similar things?
Aug 19, 2022 in Node-js by Neha
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It's great to hear that you're exploring microservices for your project! Here are answers to your questions and thoughts:

  1. To enable the API gateway to load balance requests across multiple nodes of the same microservice, you can use load balancing techniques like round-robin, least connection, or IP hash. These techniques distribute the requests evenly among the available nodes.

  2. For detecting if a microservice is down, you can implement health checks within each microservice. The API gateway can periodically send requests to the microservices' health endpoints to determine their availability. If a microservice fails to respond or returns an error, the API gateway can mark it as unavailable and route requests to other healthy instances.

  3. There are various implementations and technologies available for service discovery in a microservices architecture. Eureka, Consul, and ZooKeeper are popular choices. They provide features like registering and discovering services, health checks, and load balancing.

  4. Your design should align with the specific requirements of your project and the technologies you are comfortable with. When deciding on the design, it's important to consider factors like scalability, fault tolerance, ease of maintenance, and integration capabilities.

  5. Eureka and other service discovery tools can be a suitable choice for implementing service discovery in your microservices architecture. It offers features such as automatic registration and deregistration of services, client-side load balancing, and health monitoring.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate and test your chosen technologies to ensure they meet your project's needs. It's also beneficial to consult with experienced developers or architects with hands-on microservices experience to validate your design decisions.

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answered Jun 2, 2023 by anonymous
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