Bitcoin address SHA256 pipe gives wrong output

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Step 5-6 of manual:

Calculating sha256sum secondly:

5 - Perform SHA-256 hash on the extended RIPEMD-160 result

6 - Perform SHA-256 hash on the result of the previous SHA-256 hash

I try to repeat step 6, but sha256sum is wrong:

# echo -n 445C7A8007A93D8733188288BB320A8FE2DEBD2AE1B47F0F50BC10BAE845C094 | sha256sum
7760845dcfd8c366ae89620be2f368d255d710bc7493628ca0dcded9ca476e5a  -
# echo -n 445C7A8007A93D8733188288BB320A8FE2DEBD2AE1B47F0F50BC10BAE845C094 | openssl sha256 
(stdin)= 7760845dcfd8c366ae89620be2f368d255d710bc7493628ca0dcded9ca476e5

even this wrong too:

# echo 445C7A8007A93D8733188288BB320A8FE2DEBD2AE1B47F0F50BC10BAE845C094 | openssl sha256 
(stdin)= 9edec8be4a03dd9e605f465c60ae4c77c752516f58384016c6c7384028b39f6e

I have read this: Generating a sha256 from the Linux command line

How to get: D61967F63C7DD183914A4AE452C9F6AD5D462CE3D277798075B107615C1A8A30?

Sep 5, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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You need to hash the raw byte data rather than its ASCII hex dump.

$ echo -n $'\x44\x5C\x7A\x80\x07\xA9\x3D\x87\x33\x18\x82\x88\xBB\x32\x0A\x8F\xE2\xDE\xBD\x2A\xE1\xB4\x7F\x0F\x50\xBC\x10\xBA\xE8\x45\xC0\x94' | sha256sum
d61967f63c7dd183914a4ae452c9f6ad5d462ce3d277798075b107615c1a8a30  -
$ echo -n $'\x44\x5C\x7A\x80\x07\xA9\x3D\x87\x33\x18\x82\x88\xBB\x32\x0A\x8F\xE2\xDE\xBD\x2A\xE1\xB4\x7F\x0F\x50\xBC\x10\xBA\xE8\x45\xC0\x94' | openssl sha256
(stdin)= d61967f63c7dd183914a4ae452c9f6ad5d462ce3d277798075b107615c1a8a30
answered Sep 5, 2018 by digger
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