How do I roll-back a message to Amazon MQ AMQ from Lambda

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I am using Amazon MQ with Node.js Lambda...

Kind of a noob on ActiveMQ so please correct me where I am wrong!

After reading a message from a queue using stompit I continue processing the message and it shall then be sent over HTTPS to another server. There is some message validation and enrichment happening on the way to the HTTPS POST, and of course the POST itself can result in an error.

How would I (best) handle a roll-back of the message in case of an error:

1) Keep the connection open and not send client.ack() until I finally got a HTTP 200 back from remote server?

2) Keep the message in a variable and put it back in case of error (sequence doesn't matter?

3) Use something other than stomp?
Sep 3, 2018 in AWS by bug_seeker
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It is apparently not possible using STOMP so I've changed the code to use the library ampq10 instead.

import amqp10 from 'amqp10';

const AMQPClient = amqp10.Client;

const amqpClient = new AMQPClient({
  receiverLink: {
    attach: {
      rcvSettleMode: amqp10.Constants.receiverSettleMode.settleOnDisposition
    creditQuantum: 1

This will allow you to do a receiver.accept(message); if successfully handling the message. If you just .disconnect() whitout an .accept() the message will not be removed from the queue.

answered Sep 3, 2018 by Priyaj
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