Otp Verification in nodejs

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I want to send an otp to the user who is signing up for the web app by SMS and email to validate their email and phone number.

Is there an NPM package for transmitting and validating OTPs, or do I have to develop my own?
Jun 10, 2022 in Node-js by Vaani
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Yes, a package named sendotp exists. This is solely used to deliver OTP through SMS.

You may discover a variety of examples in npmjs to help you complete your assignment.

However, I believe that implementing your own approach for transmitting and confirming OTP is preferable. Because utilising packages may result in the addition of methods that you do not require or the absence of functionality that you require.

For email verification, you may use Nodemailer, and for SMS verification, you can utilise Twiiolio. Create a random string and send it to the user through SMS or email. If you use MongoDB, you can check when the otp is formed and from there see how much time has elapsed since it was delivered.

You can use the msg91 for sending the otp to users.
Login to msg91 and get your template_id and api_key.
using msg91 api with the axios.

const axios = require('axios');

async function  sendOtpTOUser(phone) {
 const  template =  "template _id";
 const  apiKey = "api_key";         
 const sendotp = "https://api.msg91.com/api/v5/otp?template_id="+template+"&mobile="+phone+"&authkey="+apiKey;
                 let request_options1 = {
                  method: 'get',
                  url: sendotp
  let otpResponse = await axios(request_options1);
  return otpResponse.data;              

it will return the object as

{ request_id: '3166686e7867313634383535', type: 'success' }
answered Jun 10, 2022 by Neha
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