Unable to access Kubernetes UI

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I have 1 master 2 slaves. I’m able to access web UI provided by ks8 but recently I’ve rebooted my machine and now I’m unable to access the UI.

docker ps shows that I am running the desired containers. Images are-
gcr.io/google_containers/kubernetes-dashboard-amd64:v1.0.1 and gcr.io/google_containers/pause:2.0

Did I do something wrong?
Aug 28, 2018 in Docker by lina
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Try running the following commad:

kubectl describe endpoints --namespace kube-system kubernetes-dashboard

May be your old DNS is entrying Kube-dashboard pod inside the Kube-dns pod. Try restarting Kube-dashboard pod and Kube-dns pod.

It should work fine.

answered Aug 28, 2018 by Kalgi
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