Unable to send Ripple Cryptocurrency Coin - XRP to Wallet

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I am trying to use the below code to send ripple (Cryptocurrency Coin)- XRP to another address, but I am getting the below error :

"Uncaught (in promise) Error: Faucet URL is not defined or inferrable."

Included the below JS reference in HTML file,

script src="https://unpkg.com/xrpl@2.0.0/build/xrpl-latest-min.js" script type="application/javascript" src="send-xrp.js"

What am I missing???

send-xrp.js ===========

// Dependencies for Node.js. // In browsers, use a <script> tag instead. if (typeof module !== "undefined") { 
// Use var here because const/let are block-scoped to the if statement. var xrpl = require('xrpl') } // Example credentials const wallet = xrpl.Wallet.fromSeed("I ENTERED MY SECRET KEY HERE") console.log(wallet.address) // Connect ------------------------------------------------------------------- async function main() { console.log("Connecting to Testnet... I CHANGED BELOW TO PRODUCTION NETWORK") const client = new xrpl.Client('wss://xrplcluster.com') await client.connect() // Get credentials from the Testnet Faucet ----------------------------------- console.log("Getting a wallet from the Testnet faucet...") const {wallet, balance} = await client.fundWallet() 
// Prepare transaction ------------------------------------------------------- const prepared = await client.autofill({ "TransactionType": "Payment", "Account": wallet.address, "Amount": xrpl.xrpToDrops("35"), "Destination": "ENTERED MY DESTINATION KEY HERE" }) const max_ledger = prepared.LastLedgerSequence console.log("Prepared transaction instructions:", prepared) console.log("Transaction cost:", xrpl.dropsToXrp(prepared.Fee), "XRP") console.log("Transaction expires after ledger:", max_ledger) 
// Sign prepared instructions ------------------------------------------------ const signed = wallet.sign(prepared) console.log("Identifying hash:", signed.hash) console.log("Signed blob:", signed.tx_blob) // Submit signed blob -------------------------------------------------------- const tx = await client.submitAndWait(signed.tx_blob)
// Wait for validation ------------------------------------------------------- 
// submitAndWait() handles this automatically, but it can take 4-7s. 
// Check transaction results ------------------------------------------------- console.log("Transaction result:", tx.result.meta.TransactionResult) console.log("Balance changes:", JSON.stringify(xrpl.getBalanceChanges(tx.result.meta), null, 2)) // End of main() client.disconnect() } main()

Apr 7, 2022 in Blockchain by Soham
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The "Secret Key" or privateKey is for signing which is a different animal than the seed. Also, it appears you are connecting to the Mainnet, not the Testnet try:

const wallet = xrpl.Wallet.fromSeed(seed) const client = new xrpl.Client(`wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233`)

answered Apr 11, 2022 by Rahul
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