Coinbase API v2 Getting Historic Price for Multiple Days

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I'm having some trouble with a API call for historical data.

Previously, I was getting a variable length of days that would match the amount of space available on a terminal screen with a request URL that looked like this:

This would pull the previous 76 days of price history. An example of the old output is here:

This stopped working a few days ago. The closest I can get to this is with this request URL:

The output from this can be seen here:

In the second example, it is just displaying prices from the day of the query at different times of that day. What I really want is the first example output where it gives a single price per day going back as many days as the request is for.

The project this is connected to is here:

Links that do not work: (No Results) (Does not pull data from 7/15/2018)

Apr 6, 2022 in Blockchain by Rahul
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Any reason you aren't using coinbase pro?

The new API is very easy to use. Simply add the get command you want to be followed by the parameters separated with a question mark. Here is the new historic rates API documentation:

The get command with the new API most similar to prices is "candles". It requires three parameters to be identified, start and stop time in iso format and granularity which is in seconds. Here is an example:

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answered Apr 12, 2022 by Soham
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