Where does Hyperledger Fabric store the database for the Blockchain and where do i can see it and how

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I have a hyperledger fabric network setup on my local machine with a single validating node.and I'm initiating a simple transaction, and my doubt is where the data will store? (according to my knowledge it will store in CouchDB) and how can I access the data and where I can see that database in the local machine?
Apr 5 in Blockchain by Aditya
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Hyperledger fabric supports LevelDB and CouchDB as state databases, LevelDB is the default state database embedded in the peer process and stores chaincode data as key-value pairs. CouchDB is an optional alternative external state database that provides additional query support when your chaincode data is modelled as JSON, permitting rich queries of the JSON content. If you're using CouchDB as your state database you can use a built-in administration interface to see the records, in your browser try to access http://localhost:5984/_utils/ here 5984 is the default port for CouchDB.

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answered Apr 7 by Rahul
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