Exception 400081 while downloading a view using TableauServerClient

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I'm downloading a view as.csv from Tableau server (2019.1.3 (20191.19.0417.1429) 64-bit Windows) onto my local computer using TableauServerClient (0.8) in a Python (3.7.1) script. My code works for the majority of visits, but for a few, I'm receiving the following error:


400081: Bad Request

There was a problem querying the data for view 'xyz'

Has anyone else had to deal with this before? What are your opinions on this?

Apr 5 in Tableau by Vaani
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I was getting a similar error, and neither the Python API documentation nor the REST API docs mentioned anything about it. (I couldn't discover the API response error code in either of them.)

The problem occurred for me because a couple data sources in my worksheet lacked connection credentials ( The credentials were missing after I published an update from Tableau Desktop). The code was operating correctly again when I incorporated the credentials for each data source. I was able to use the API to fetch and download data from tableau views.
answered Apr 5 by Neha
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