Querying Tableau Server for exporting a view using python and REST API

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I'm trying to use Python to export a tableau view as an image/csv (it doesn't matter). I did some research and discovered that REST API would be useful in this situation, so I created a Personal Access Token and used the following command to connect: -

import tableauserverclient as TSC
from tableau_api_lib import TableauServerConnection
from tableau_api_lib.utils.querying import get_views_dataframe, get_view_data_dataframe

server_url = 'https://tableau.mariadb.com'
site = ''
mytoken_name = 'Marine'
mytoken_secret = '$32mcyTOkmjSFqKBeVKEZYpMUexseV197l2MuvRlwHghMacCOa'

server = TSC.Server(server_url, use_server_version=True)
tableau_auth = TSC.PersonalAccessTokenAuth(token_name=mytoken_name, personal_access_token=mytoken_secret, site_id=site)
with server.auth.sign_in_with_personal_access_token(tableau_auth):
    print('[Logged in successfully to {}]'.format(server_url))

Got a message after enter :

[Logged in successfully to https://tableau.mariadb.com]

However, I am at a loss now on how to access the tableau workbooks using Python. I searched here:-


but was unable to write these commands like GET or others in python.

Can anyone help me with this?

Apr 14, 2022 in Tableau by Neha
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