How to extract month name from custom date

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I have a CSV file which has date in mm/dd/yyyy format in column A. Here are the steps that i took to extract month from it.

  1. Select the entire column A and click on Format Cells
  2. In Format Cells, Click on Custom and used the string mm/dd/yyyy there
  3. Clicked Ok
  4. On column D (or any other column), I entered the following text =TEXT(A1, "mmmm"). This text is supposed to extract month number from column A1 and convert into month. But it just copies the whole date there.

What i am missing here?

Apr 5 in Database by Edureka
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The steps to accomplish so are as follows:

Select all of the cells that have dates for which the month name should be displayed.
Go to the Home tab.

Click the Home tab
Click the dialogue box launcher icon in the Number group (or use the keyboard shortcut Control +1). The Format Cells dialogue box will appear.

Click on Format Cells open dialog box launcher
Select Custom from the Category drop-down menu.

Click on Custom option in Fomat Cells dialog box
Enter'mmmm' in the type field. In the Sample preview, you should see one of the month names.

Enter mmmm as the custom number format

Select OK.
All of the dates would be converted to their complete month names using the processes above (as shown below).

Date showing only the month name

answered Apr 5 by gaurav
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