Using feature flag as kill switch in different version of mobile application

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I want to use feature flags as a kill switch if something goes wrong in my mobile app release. To quickly get the features on the app to the last working version of the feature or to completely hide the feature. But I have a logical doubt related to how can manage the same feature flag in the following version of the application after that I killed the feature in a previous version of the app. 
Example scenario 
On day 1 I develop a new feature A. I implement feature toggle A on this new feature and then  deploy it on play store myApp 1.0 with feature toggle A turned ON (server-side)
On day 2 I noticed that something went wrong on feature A so I kill switch it turning OFF feature toggle A (server-side) then  I fixed the  "client-side" feature A. I deploy on play store myApp 1.1 with the fixed version of the feature
But now I can't turn ON (server-side) feature toggle A again because it would open the feature on the bot version of the app.
 I want to implement a new toggle every time that I use the kill switch? Any suggestion or link?

Mar 29, 2022 in Other DevOps Questions by Kichu
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