EXCEL How to automatically add serial number in Excel Table using formula that is immune to filtering sorting

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I want to create an Excel Table where the first column is the "SL" (serial number) column that starts from 1 and then increases by 1 for each subsequent entry. I want the serial number to automatically increase as I add more rows to the table.

I have tried using all manners of "=ROWS" functions, all manners of "=COUNTA" functions, and all other functions used in tutorial that I found in the web. None of them are immune from sorting or filtering. That is, if I sort the "Name" column from A to Z, the serial number that was assigned to its respective row entry changes because of how these formulae are written. For example:

Original List

This is the Original List. As you can see, Dragon Fruit's serial number is 1. I have used the "=COUNTA(B$2:[@[NAME]])" function in this example.

Sorted List

When I sorted the "Name" column from A to Z, Dragon Fruit's serial number went from 1 to 2, Acai went from 4 to 1, Guava went from 9 to 3, and so on. But I want the serial numbers to be static and locked to their corresponding "Name".

Is this possible to do in Excel without manually typing the numbers in the SL column?

Mar 24 in Big Data Hadoop by Edureka
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