Connect Azure DevOps repository to another Azure DevOps repository from different account

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I have an organizational Microsoft account and a Visual Studio Professional subscription. Also, I have my own Microsoft account and a project in Azure DevOps. I need is to connect my own DevOps repository to the DevOps project in my organizational account.

The goal is to set up CI/CD and deploy my project in Azure under my Visual Studio Professional subscription. I found OAuth configurations settings under Organization Settings in DevOps but there are no options to connect another DevOps repository. The workflow:

  1. Push changes to my own DevOps repo
  2. Get these changes in the organizational DevOps repo
  3. Deploy to Azure under organizational Visual Studio Professional Subscription.

If there is some way to omit the 2nd step it would be great. steps done:

  1. - indicates there should be some way to achieve this goal, but I found nothing in google
  2. Tried to use DevOps starter in Azure, but there is only one DevOps organization - the one from my organizational account and no way to add an external one.
  3. Azure DevOps -> Organization Settings -> OAuth configurations: there are only GitHub and BitBucket source types.
Mar 15 in DevOps on Cloud by Kichu
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