Unable to enroll user in new org

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I am using the following link for Balance transfer from Hyperledger Fabric samples: https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric-samples/tree/master/balance-transfer#sample-rest-apis-requests

I have modified it to have 3 Orgs with 1 Peer each. Org 1 and 2 are fine, but when I try to enroll a user to my 3rd Org I get following error:

Failed to get registered user: xyz with error: Error: fabric-ca request register failed with errors [[{"code":63,"message":"Failed to get Affiliation: sql: no rows in result set"}]]
Aug 25, 2018 in Blockchain by sabby
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The thing is by default, fabric-ca only has the following affiliations:

org1.department1 org1.department2 org2.department1

So, the fabric-ca being used in the sample does not know about the affiliation

The code which registers and enrolls users in the sample takes the org name and concatenates it with "department1":

let secret = await caClient.register({
                enrollmentID: username,
                affiliation: userOrg.toLowerCase() + '.department1'
            }, adminUserObj);

So when you pass in Org3, it tries to register the user with the affiliation org3.department1 which does not exist.

 You can look at the fabric-ca docs: http://hyperledger-fabric-ca.readthedocs.io/ 

The easiest way is to use the fabric-ca-client to do this:

fabric-ca-client affiliation add org3
fabric-ca-client affiliation add org3.department1

answered Aug 25, 2018 by Christine
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