Convert a number to a letter in C for use in Microsoft Excel duplicate

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Ok so I am writing a method which accepts a 2d array as a parameter. I want to put this 2d array onto an Excel worksheet but I need to work out the final cell location. I can get the height easily enough like so:

var height = data.GetLength(1); //`data` is the name of my 2d array

This gives me my Y axis but it's not so easy to get my X axis. Obviously I can get the number like so:

var width = data.GetLength(0);

This gives me a number, which I want to convert to a letter. So, for example, 0 is A, 1 is B and so on until we get to 26 which goes back to A again. I am sure that there is a simple way to do this but I have a total mental block.

What would you do?


Feb 22 in Database by Edureka
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If you are familiar with using formulas in Excel, it will not be a problem for you to employ the TEXT function.
 Add a helper column next to the column, And u need to enter the formula =TEXT(C2, "0"), now the number in the first cell will get converted. Now copy the formula across the column using the file handling option. Now in the helper column, you'll see changes in alignment. Now convert formulas to values in the helper column .copy cntrl+c and then crtl+alt+v for the special dialog box.Now select the values radio button in the pasted group. You are good to go

answered Feb 23 by Edureka
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