How to configure and execute Azure Devops classic editor pipeline after commit in Github

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I have a pipeline for Github and Azure Devops traditional editors. I'd like to set up an Azure pipeline auto-trigger after a Github commit occurs (If any commit happens in the repository, it needs to trigger my Azure Devops pipeline)

I tried enabling Continuous Integration at the pipeline level, but after a Github commit, it does not activate my pipeline.

There is much documentation for yaml pipelines, however, we require old editor pipelines. Could someone please offer suggestions on how we can accomplish this?
Feb 10, 2022 in Other DevOps Questions by Edureka
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If you're looking for CI/CD triggers, all you have to do is select the appropriate branch from the build trigger combo box.

"Pipeline triggers are known as build completion triggers in the traditional editor. Any other build in the same project might be used as the triggering process.

Select the triggering build after you've added a build completion trigger. You can also provide branch filters if the triggering build is sourced from a Git repo. Type the branch specification (for example, features/modules/*) and then press Enter if you want to utilise wildcard characters."

Try this source:

More information on deployment triggers may be found here:

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answered Feb 10, 2022 by Bhavitha
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