Azure Pipelines or Azure Boards for Microsoft Teams - Commercial Azure DevOps to Govt Teams

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Is it possible to incorporate Azure Pipelines or Boards from Microsoft Teams Government to a Commercial Azure DevOps subscription? Our development effort is all done in the commercial sector, but Teams is included with our Office 365 Government subscription. I've tried adding the app to Teams several times, but I always get "Sorry, this didn't work" or "this app doesn't exist or has been disallowed by your administrator." This is not the case, as I checked to see whether any third-party apps were available.
Feb 8, 2022 in Other DevOps Questions by Edureka
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Using Microsoft Power Automate flows, we were able to implement the majority of the Slack / Azure DevOps integration functionalities (build notifications, code push, and so on). Check to determine if you have Power Automate if you have a GCC Office365 subscription.

Power Automate has interfaces for MS Teams and Azure DevOps that provide triggers and actions that can produce nearly the same types of messages as Slack. While Adaptive Cards aren't yet supported in GCC, you can use HTML and dynamic content to structure the message.

The Azure DevOps tools for Teams don't work in GCC (yet), however you might be able to get over some of these limits with Power Automate.
answered Feb 8, 2022 by Bhavitha
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