Applying multiple filters in PBI Embed URL

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I need to filter my Power BI report, but it works only with a single filter and just ignores the other added filter. I've been attempting to do it by using the following filter query syntax:
&$filter={tableName/fieldName} eq '{fieldValue}'
Like it just works if I add just one filter; but even upon adding multiple filters, the PBI report just gets filtered as per the first applied filter and doesn't acknowledge the other filters even after adding multiple ones.
Is there some other way that I've missed out on applying multiple filters to the Power BI Embed URL?

Aug 21, 2018 in Power BI by Bharani
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Well, that is actually a limitation in its previous version, where report embeds are limited to a single filter expression only. 

You can get the support for multiple filters and even other client-side commands with its new release of 2.0.0.  With this release, you can even get and set filters at report scope and page scope, but I'm guessing the visual scope is still a few more upgrades away.

Check this out if you wish to understand how the SDK can be used to apply filters: 

And, check this out for setting filters during load:

Or this, to check out a demonstration on using filters:

FYI - If you want to make the filters you apply more secure so that clients are unable to modify it, use RLS on the report, and then add the username and the role claims to your JWT token if required. Doing this will ensure that requests to view the report with this token will only show data for allowed user or role.
And, The OData $filter parameter only extends supports for a small subset of filter capabilities. To support more complex values or conditions, it is better to construct filter objects using the SDK.

answered Aug 21, 2018 by DataKing99
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