Action filter on set is appearing in my worksheet

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Above image is from Filter pane in one worksheet, I want to know how this action filter with set symbol is created? How this is visible in worksheet? There is filed name pivot field value, but no set created related on it. Please explain how to create and show up above filter on worksheet. Also do dashboard action filters appear in worksheet by default?

Aug 17, 2018 in Tableau by Naruto
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Those are the action filters that we use in dashboards and by default there action filters don't appear on the worksheets.

Action filters will be added to the filter pane only when that sheet is selected to be a target sheet while creating actions in dashboard.

To know what actions are created and on sheets and dashboard you can go to Dashboards --> Actions

Tableau allows you to add context and interactivity to your data using actions. There are three kinds of actions in Tableau: Filter, Highlight, and URL actions (Tableau Desktop only).

Filter actions allow you to use the data in one view to filter data in another as you create guided analytical stories Highlight actions help you call attention to specific results, and URL actions allow you to point to external resources, such as a web page, file, or another Tableau worksheet.
answered Aug 17, 2018 by AwesomeSauce
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