How to configure Elastic Beanstalk for RDS

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I have a requirement where i need to deploy both a production and staging application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk.I want the production environment to use an independently created RDS database so I can rebuild my environment without tearing down my RDS database.

And i also would like the staging environment to create a brand new RDS database each time it is deployed.

After initialising my environment with eb init one of the questions ask

Create an RDS DB Instance? [y/n]:

The result of this configuration appears to be stored in a file "config" within the .elasticbeanstalk directory. This directory is added to .gitignore.How can I have two git branches, production and staging, configured so that one creates an RDS database when started, and the other does not?

Aug 13, 2018 in AWS by angel
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I suggest removing the config file from .gitignore and storing two different versions of this file in the two branches - one with RDS and one without.

Your use-case can be satisfied with 'eb branch'. You can then have multiple environments with different configurations. Select 'n' for the question that asks if you want to copy settings from environment to another. You will then be able to create an environment one without an RDS and one with an RDS. You can switch between different environments using git checkout then. That way you don't have to remove the file from .gitignore.

For more information you can refer to the below link.

Deploying a Git Branch to a Specific Environment.

answered Aug 14, 2018 by anonymous

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