Unable to bring up the container using custom shell script as docker entrypoint

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I’m trying to use docker-compose to bring up a container. As an ENTRYPOINT, that I have written a simple bash script which is inside the container. But whenwhenever I try to bring up the container in any of the below ways:

  • docker-compose up
  • docker-compose up foo

it doesn’t complete. i.e., trying to attach to the running container, fails with:

Error response from daemon: Container xyz is restarting, wait until the container is running.

I tried playing around with putting commands in the background. That didn’t work.


cmd1 &
cmd2 &&
cmdn &

I also tried i) with and without entrypoint: /bin/sh /usr/local/bin/my-script.sh and ii) with and without the tty: true option. No dice.


version: '2'
      context: .
      dockerfile: Dockerfile.foo
    tty: true
    entrypoint: /bin/sh /usr/local/bin/my-script.sh

I have also tried a manual docker build / run cycle. And (without launching /bin/sh in the ENTRYPOINT ) the run just exits.

$ docker build ... .
$ docker run -it ... 
... shell echos commands here, then exits

Can anyone help me with this?


Aug 9, 2018 in Docker by shubham
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You have to put something infinite so that it will keep running your container in background,like you can tail -f application.log or anything like this so that even if you exit from your container bash it keeps running in background.

you do not need to do cmd1 & cmd2 &&...cmdn & just place one command like this touch 1.txt && tail -f 1.txt as a last step in your my-script.sh. It will keep running your container.

 One thing also you need to change is docker run -it -d -d will start container with background mode.If you want to go inside your container than docker exec -it container_name/id bash debug the issue and exit.

It will still keep your container running until you stop with docker stop container_id/nameHope this help.

I hope it will resolve your query.
answered Aug 9, 2018 by Damon Salvatore
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