Terminating and EC2 instance by command line

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Is it possible to terminate all my EC2 instances at once using command line? If yes what is the command? 

Aug 9, 2018 in AWS by datageek
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There is no command to terminate all instances at once. So you probably need to script it.You only need to generate a comma separated list of your instances.

This is a python script I am using:

import sys
import time
from boto.ec2.connection import EC2Connection

def main():
    conn = EC2Connection('', '')
    instances = conn.get_all_instances()
    print instances
    for reserv in instances:
        for inst in reserv.instances:
            if inst.state == u'running':
                print "Terminating instance %s" % inst

if __name__ == "__main__":

answered Aug 9, 2018 by Archana
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