Empty Jenkins Workspace causing Jenkins build failure

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I’m trying to run a Jenkins job on CI using “Delete workspace before build starts” but when I build the job, it fails.

Started by user [8mha:AAAAmR+LCAAAAAAAAP9b85aBtbiIQTGjNKU4P08vOT+vOD8nVc83PyU1x6OyILUoJzMv2y+/JJUBAhiZGBgqihhk0NSjKDWzXb3RdlLBUSYGJk8GtpzUvPSSDB8G5tKinBIGIZ+sxLJE/ZzEvHT94JKizLx0a6BxUmjGOUNodHsLgAz2EgZe/dLi1CL93MzCpMQcIwDWRQFzwgAAAA==[0mmosawi
Building remotely on [8mha:AAAArx+LCAAAAAAAAP9b85aBtbiIQTGjNKU4P08vOT+vOD8nVc83PyU1x6OyILUoJzMv2y+/JJUBAhiZGBgqihhk0NSjKDWzXb3RdlLBUSYGJk8GtpzUvPSSDB8G5tKinBIGIZ+sxLJE/ZzEvHT94JKizLx0a6BxUmjGOUNodHsLgAypEgYV/eT83ILSktQi/ZLsVN3kxJxkXaDdpRW6RRmpOWa6FWYmuoYA2b5uWNkAAAA=[0mtke-calc-linux-rhel6-x64-1 (rhel6-java7 rhel6) in workspace /jenkins/workspace/completeness_compiler_runtime_tests
Using remote perforce client: completeness_compiler_runtime_tests-217915412
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 workspace -o completeness_compiler_runtime_tests-217915412
Last build changeset: 61685
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 changes -s submitted -m 1 //completeness_compiler_runtime_tests-217915412/...
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 -s changes -s submitted //completeness_compiler_runtime_tests-217915412/...@61686,@61695
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 describe -s 61695
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 -G where //...
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 -s users mosawi
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 user -o mosawi
Sync'ing workspace to changelist 61695.
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ p4 -s sync //completeness_compiler_runtime_tests-217915412/...@61695
Sync complete, took 382 ms
No emails were triggered.
[completeness_compiler_runtime_tests] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson3579240812233061648.sh
+ cd /jenkins/workspace/completeness_compiler_runtime_tests/TPS/qel/automation/tools
/tmp/hudson3579240812233061648.sh: line 3: cd: /jenkins/workspace/completeness_compiler_runtime_tests/TPS/qel/automation/tools: No such file or directory
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Sending e-mails to: mosawi@generalatomics.com
Email was triggered for: Failure
Sending email for trigger: Failure
Sending email to: mosawi_haddadian@generalatomics.com

Any help would be appreciated.

Aug 8, 2018 in Jenkins by Hannah
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/tmp/hudson3579240812233061648.sh: line 3: cd: /jenkins/workspace/completeness_compiler_runtime_tests/TPS/qel/automation/tools

The error is in execute shell step.

On line 3, in your job config you are cd'ing to some directory that is relative to workspace root. Your wokrspace root is likely


With completeness_compiler_runtime_tests being the name of the job. Since you've just deleted everything stored inside of /jenkins/workspace/completeness_compiler_runtime_tests/ - you can't cd to the dir mentioned in the error because it does not exist.

answered Aug 8, 2018 by Kalgi
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