Concatenate 2 strings in R

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How to combine two values in R?

For example:

combine = cbind("JET", "XY")
#      [,1]  [,2]
# [1,] "JET" "XY"

I want 'combine' as a single string:

combine_new = "JET,XY"

Which function shall I use?

Apr 13, 2018 in Data Analytics by BHARANI
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You can use the paste() command:

You can use paste to do two things:

To concatenate values into a single "string"


 paste("Hey", "Everyone", sep=" ")
[1] "Hey Everyone"

The argument sep specifies the character(s) to be used between the concatenated character vectors.

Refer the example below:

 z <- c("Hello", "Everyone")
[1] "Hello" "Everyone"
paste(z, collapse="--")
[1] "Hello--Everyone"

The argument collapse specifies the character(s) to be used between the elements of the vector to be collapsed.

You can use both sep and collapse together in a single function as follows:

paste(z, "few more text", sep="|-|", collapse="--")
[1] "Hello|-|few more text--Everyone|-|few more text"

I hope this helps!

answered Apr 13, 2018 by darklord
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