aws java sdk for ssm gives java lang NoSuchFieldError SIGNING REGION

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Following code gives NoSuchFieldError when used in Lambda. The same works in a simple java program. Appreciate any help

AWSSimpleSystemsManagementAsync client = AWSSimpleSystemsManagementAsyncClientBuilder.defaultClient(); 

PutParameterRequest putRequest = new PutParameterRequest(); 




Digging into the source code shows error at -> request.addHandlerContext(HandlerContextKey.SIGNING_REGION, getSigningRegion());

Also tried with AWSSimpleSystemsManagementClientBuilder.standard(); AWSSimpleSystemsManagementClientBuilder.defaultClient();

WSSimpleSystemsManagementClientBuilder.standard().withRegion("us-east-1").build(); returning the same error

Aug 6, 2018 in AWS by bug_seeker
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You may start with Checking that you have don't have a mistmach of aws versions. you might be having the same issue I had, upgrading ssm aws version to 1.11.301 while other components had the 1.11.271 aws core version, causing the same exception. You should make sure versions are aligned.
I know this is not much of a help but all you can do is this.
Give it a try and do let me know whether it worked or not.

answered Aug 6, 2018 by Priyaj
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Thank you. Fixed my problem.

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