Can we migrate the AWS Cognito users between the user pools

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I am using AWS Cognito. I have a pretty common scenario: users can register in different roles. Depending upon the roles, different user attributes are required, right?  so for that,  I really need to use different user pools.

Now a user is willing to upgrade from role A to role B - do I need to move his account from one pool to another. Is this possible with AWS? Can we export/migrate users out of AWS Cognito, does it cause vendor lock-in? seems to indicate the opposite.
If not possible this way, what would be a reliable solution to achieve requiring different user attributes depending on different user roles with AWS Cognito. NOTE that it requires/verifying them only on the front end is not a possible solution.
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Yes, it is possible that this scenario is best solved by using Groups instead of a separate user pool for each one of the role. 
You can check on this link:
When you open this link to find out how to transfer users to a new pool (for example:  you want to create a new user pool in order to change how your users log in), then there isn't any built-in way to do this. However, there are solutions that you can be built in order to migrate users, for that you can check this link:

Create your new user pool.
Modify your client to do the following:

On a failed sign in with new user pool, try to sign in with old user pool.
If existing user pool sign-in is successful, use the username and password that was submitted to the existing sign in to create a user on the new user pool.
Possibly do something to remove the user from the old user pool or mark them as migrated.
Take a look at this flowchart here, this might help:

You can export users and import them to a new user pool with a CSV file, but your users need to change their password for that.

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There are two ways you can import or migrate users from your existing userdirectory or user database into Amazon Cognito User PoolsYou can migrate users when they sign-in using Amazon Cognito for the first time with a user migration Lambda trigger.
You can get a brief detail on

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