How to create a folder in AWS CodeCommit repository?

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I have created a repository in AWS CodeCommit, I want to create a folder to add files to it using CodeCommit console. How to do it?
Jul 20, 2018 in Cloud Computing by brat_1
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Follow the steps to create a folder and add files to it:

  1. From the CodeCommit dashboard, select your new repository and add go Code tab
  2. Choose repository description and click on 'Add file' dropdown
  3. Click on Create file
  4. In the file name field, specify the path of the file you wish to create
  5. Fill in the details and choose Commit files
  6. Use 'src/foo/' and the 'src' and 'foo' folders should be created for you.
answered Jul 20, 2018 by Gopalan
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