How does the consensus happen in Saas based blockchain application

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If I develop an online application using Blockchain and I have three parties(or peers) required to reach consensus then Do I need a node for each of the three participants or the one node is enough. what I am not able to understand is how I will maintain a node or nodes.

Jul 20, 2018 in Blockchain by charlie_brown
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I will be maintaining the database at one location?

First understand that blockchain architecture is not as normal client-server architecture.

In normal client-server architecture, client can change entries that are stored on a centralized server. By changing master copy, whenever a user accesses a database, they will get the updated version.

This is not at all the same as with blockchain technology.

A blockchain is a mesh network of computers linked not to a central server but rather to each other. Computers in this network define and agree upon a shared state of data and adhere to certain constraints imposed upon this data. For a blockchain database, each participant maintains, calculates and updates new entries into the database. All nodes work together to ensure they are all coming to the same conclusions, providing in-built security for the network. Database are distributed across the participant nodes and transactions are immutable.

How the blockchain will maintain different nodes?

Through the use of a peer-to-peer network and a distributed timestamping server, a blockchain database is managed autonomously.

answered Jul 20, 2018 by aryya
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